The Biewer Terrier Foundation (BTF) collects, publishes, and disseminates relevant and up to date information on the breed to benefit breeders, owners, dog professionals, and potential owners, and ultimately the breed itself.
Health & Genetics
The BTF supports research in the areas of health and genetics that are known to commonly afflict the Biewer Terrier. The BTF support includes funding studies done by respected researchers of other nonprofit organizations.
The BTF informs the Biewer Terrier fancier on a wide variety of events and encourages participation. From AKC and UKC sanctioned shows, the Biewer Terrier’s use as therapy dogs, the versatility of the breed is showcased and the need for training emphasized.
The BTF supports breeders with information on improving their breeding programs and producing healthy and beautiful puppies. The website also assists in connecting breeders with potential buyers by maintaining a breeder directory.