The Biewer Terrier Foundation (BTF) is dedicated to the rescue of any Biewer Terrier in need, including, but not limited to, Biewers found in animal shelters or pounds, those relinquished by their owners, those left homeless by deceased or incapacitated owners, those found by others as strays, or any Biewer in an emergency situation in need of assistance. To accomplish this goal, the BTF provides a variety of assistance to:

  • Biewer Clubs to support their ongoing Rescue work,
  • Breeders who need help placing their own rescues,
  • Owners in need of temporary or permanent solutions to resolving issues that lead to homelessness, or to placing their Biewers,
  • Shelters in identifying an impounded dog as a Biewer Terrier,
  • Anyone seeking assistance in ensuring the welfare of a Biewer,

Rescue Support

The BTF acts as a liaison with the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club and the American Biewer Terrier Club Rescue Chairs and their appointed regional Rescue Coordinators, and Rescue Coordinators appointed by the Biewer Clubs to ensure the rescue of every Biewer Terrier in need. It provides, or will provide, the following assistance:

  • Rescue hotline (970-882-3299) for use by those who have or are aware of Biewers in need of assistance.
  • Email & phone assistance-to help owners resolve issues with their Biewers to prevent them from becoming Rescue dogs, and to help with the logistics of executing a rescue.
  • Website listings of currently available Biewer Terriers awaiting adoption.
  • Screening & placement tools-adoption questionnaires, adoption contracts, and more.
  • Transportation-pick-up and delivery of a Biewer Terrier in need, wherever possible.
  • Pro-active search on national and regional shelter websites for impounded Biewers misidentified as other breeds.
  • Financial assistance provided for large-scale rescues that no single club can finance alone.